Panels - We can provide a number of panels  Budget Panel can be installed with 75mm or 100mm Fence Posts The slats run horizontally and are nailed in place with fencing batten front and rear, then sandwiched along the top and sides. The panel is then finished on top with a capping rail allowing water run off.  So that it withstands the elements, the fence panel is then dipped in a treatment tank. The Slat along the bottom horizontal edge of the panel is a piece of feather edge (22mm on the thickest edge) , which is much thicker than a panel slat. This adds much more strength to the bottom edge of the panel.

Closeboard Panels Using 100mm wide feather edge and heavy duty backing rails.  these panels are extremely robust and solid in construction. Fully pressure treated to help protect against rot.  The back edge of the panel is braced with 32mm x72mm battens and the top edge has a solid piece of capping to finish.

Closeboard and feather edge are the same thing. Feather edge refers to the individual boards used to construct a closeboard fence panel - these are called closeboard fence panels by some and feather edge by others CLOSEBOARD FENCING 

An excellent choice if you want a durable solution and privacy .  Closeboard timber fencing is both a long lasting and classic look for any outdoor boundary.  Using pressure treated boards along with our red wood treated posts which come with a 15 year anti rot guarantee from the supplier.  Closeboard fences are built to last



Closeboard Fencing with Heavy Duty Posts